Long before humanity even existed, the land was ruled not by men but by creatures of immense power and wisdom. Among them, none were more feared than Sphynx, a being of royal blood and arcane might, whose dominion extended far beyond the vast desert.

Sphynx’s power was unmatched—he commanded the elements, bent space, and—above all—could turn cats into undead and recruit them for his Undying Army. The ancient world thrived under his rule, but envy grew among his followers—particularly among the fluffy cats.
Led by their generals, the fluffy cats conspired to seal Sphynx away with powerful magic. Betrayed, he was confined in a sarcophagus for thousands of years.

But now Sphynx has awakened, and his only desire is to destroy his enemies and restore his empire—and no one is safe from his cursed flames.
a few millennia ago
DEX Liquidity
total supply
1 000 000 000
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